PISTOL RANGE STEEL TARGET MIS-USEAGE=DANGEROUS!!!: Someone had turned the targets on the pistol range to face the bench rest area. These targets are made of mild steel not AR plate and REQUIRE A MINIMUM SETTING OF 15 YARDS (the second row of pipe) from the bench. This is a personal frag safety issue and does damage to the targets. These bullets at times bounce off onto our repair shop. There are welding tanks, welders and propane tanks that may blow up. If you are caught doing this, you may be ejected from the club. THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE (1) WARNING ISSUED, you will lose your club membership if you are caught a second time.

STEEL SWINGERS: The steel swingers at the 100-, 200-, and 300-yard lines are ONLY TO HANG ONE WAY AND ONE WAY ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT TURN THESE SWINGER S AROUND. All this does is damage the round stock that holds them up.  SO PLEASE DON’T TURN THEM AROUND or we will remove them. I am the one that must repair them.

NEW SIGN: YOU MUST WEAR HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES inside the fence line. Thank you.                     

CLUB MEETINGS: Are still on the second Wednesday at 6pm, at the DOMINON FIREARMS STORE. From May to September the meetings will be at the range.          

ROCKS: We are still finding large rocks that are taken onto the range to hold targets down. If you have the time to take them out there, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REMOVE THEM!! If we do not see them when we mow, it tears up the blades on the mower, which cost around 150 bucks to replace them. This applies to anything that you take down range. Thanks.

SHOOTING TIME: Remember that our shooting hours have changed. We can only shoot from 8am to 5:30 pm in the evening. Chuck has had to go out and remind shooters that it is time to STOP SHOOTING.  Enjoy and be safe. You will be given one warning about shooting past posted hours, the second time you may lose your membership permanently. On May 1st shooting hours will change to 8am to 6pm and last until Oct. 1st when the hours will go back to 8am to 5:30pm.

2X4  FRAMES AND BASES: I was out replacing the cardboard on the target frames. I noticed that we are still getting bases and frames shot up, remember to PLEASE place your targets in the center of the frames. Some of the bases have holes as big as my thumb that someone shot up. All this costs our club money and time to repair.

SPENT BRASS: We are still finding spent brass on the ground, mostly on the pistol range. We put out buckets, one for brass and one for aluminum and steel cases. We really appreciate you putting them in the right bucket. Thanks, again!

REMINDER: The range is closed while there are any scheduled shoots going on. Also, when Arizona Water is checking or working on the well.                               

FRNA GRANT: Still no word on our grant, we don’t even know if we will get one this year. But if we do, we will pour the cement on the bench rest area to eliminate some of the mud holes when it rains and picking up spent shell casings will be easier.

RANGE SAFETY RULES: Please obey all safety rules; these are for your safety and others. THIS is a COLD RANGE. Do not be walking around with a loaded gun. We have had to remind several shooters not to do this.


CLUB RENEWALS: About the middle of April membership renewal forms be emailed to those with email and snail mail to those who do not have email. We will have the ability to accept credit/debit cards by phone or in person. The use of credit/debit cards will incur an additional charge of $5.00. Membership rules still apply, New Membership MUST be done in person, renewals may be done in person, by phone via-credit/debit card and e-mailing completed renewal application or by mail.

AIR GUN DEMO: The women’s club has set up with a vendor for an air gun demo for their Mar. 6th session, they have invited anyone who would like to attend to come on out, this will take place during their regular range time of 10am to Noon.

BASIC PISTOL CLASS: The women’s club is putting on a basic pistol class on Saturday Mar. 20th. If you would like to attend contact Candace Sullivan at 928-701-1558 or MaryAnn Moreno at 928-425-7242 for class cost and info. The range will be closed on that day from 3pm to 5:30pm for the shooting portion of the class.

WOT: A Women On Target event is scheduled for Saturday May 22nd. As the date gets nearer, we will send out the registration form and flyer by email and will post the flyer at the range. There will not be a fee for this event, and we will furnish a noon meal for the participants and helpers.