STEEL SWINGERS: The steel swingers at the 100-, 200-, and 300-yard lines are ONLY TO HANG ONE WAY AND ONE WAY ONLY!!! PLEASE DO NOT TURN THESE SWINGERS AROUND. All this does is damage the round stock that holds them up. SO PLEASE DON’T TURN THEM AROUND or we will remove them. I’m the one that has to repair them.

NEW SIGNS: New signs have been put up; YOU MUST WEAR HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES.  That goes for anyone inside the fence line. If we catch someone not wearing them, we will ask them to please use them. It is for your safety and wellbeing.                        

CLUB MEETINGS: Are still on the second Wednesday at 6pm, for now. In the near future we will be holding our meetings at the new Dominion Firearms Store.  

THE WELL ARMED WOMAN: Remember they changed their name and are now known as the Gila County Women’s Gun Club.

ROCKS: We are still finding large rocks that are taken onto the range to hold targets down. If you have the time to take them out there, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REMOVE THEM. If we do not see them when we mow, it tears up the blades on the mower, which cost around 150 bucks replace them.

SHOOTING HOURS: Remember that our shooting hours have changed. We can only shoot from 8am to 5:30pm in the evening. Chuck has had to go out and remind shooters that it’s time to STOP SHOOTING.  Enjoy and be safe.

TARGET STANDS, BASES & RANGE EQUIPMENT: Some shooters are taking frame and bases down range and leaving them there. Someone took one of our metal discs and shot the metal pipe off that holds the pole used for Action pistol. Please help us to limit damage and expenses for repairs.  Thank you for your attention to this.

2X4 AND FRAMES AND BASES: I was out replacing the card board on the target frames. I noticed that we are still getting bases and frames shot up, remember to PLEASE place your targets in the center of the frames. Some of the bases have holes as big as my thumb that someone shot up. All of this costs our club money and time to repair.

NEW MEMBERS: In the last month we have had about 50 new members that signed up and joined our club, If you see one of them be nice and let them know how things are done.                                                           

SPENT BRASS: We are still finding spent brass on the ground, mostly on the pistol range. We put out buckets, one for brass and one for steel cases. We really appreciate you putting them in the right bucket. Thanks, again!          

REMINDER: The range is closed while there is any scheduled shoots going on. Also, when Arizona Water is checking the well or working on the well.                                

UP COMING EVENTS: On December 12th there will be live fire for the CCW class, on that day the range will be CLOSED from 3pm-5:30pm. Randy’s class will be on the 12th starting at 7am for printing. You can contact him at – Class is indoors and capped at 25 persons.

FNRA GRANT: Still no word on our grant, we don’t even know if we will get one this year. But if we do, we will pour the cement in the bench rest area to eliminate some of the mud when it rains and help picking up spent shell casings.                                         

RANGE SAFETY RULES: Please obey all safety rules; these are for your safety and others. THIS is a cold range. Don’t be walking around with a loaded gun, we have had to remind several shooters during some of our events.

MAIN GATE: Remember if you are the last one to leave the range PLEASE CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE.                      

RAFFLE TICKETS: There are still tickets available for the Dec. 13th. 5 prize drawing which the first prize is a S&W M&P 9mm 2.0 EZ. Shield (Two-Tone). Tickets are $20 each; the money will be going to the food bank in place of the Turkey and Christmas Angel Shoots. Tickets can be purchased at the range office; we now have someone there from 8am to 5:30pm.