NEW SIGNS: New signs have been put up; YOU MUST WEAR HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES.  That goes for anyone inside the fence line. If we catch someone not wearing them, we will ask them to please use them. It is for your safety and wellbeing.                        

CLUB MEETINGS:  Are still on the second Wednesday at 6pm, for the time being at the Gun Club Range. As long as we have good weather. 

THE WELL ARMED WOMAN: Have changed their name and are now known as the Gila County Women’s Gun Club.

ROCKS: We are still finding large rocks that are taken onto the range to hold targets down. If you have the time to take them out there, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REMOVE THEM. If we do not see them when we mow, it tears up the blades on the mower, which cost around 150 bucks replace them.

SHOOTING HOURS: Remember our shooting time will change on October 1. We can now shoot from 8am to 6 pm in the evening. Enjoy and be safe.

TARGET STANDS, BASES & RANGE EQUIPMENT: Someone took one of our metal discs we use for action pistol out on the range. They used it as a base to set up what looked to be a grapefruit on it. They totally destroyed the post that holds the rod to support the metal targets we use. We also had one of our NEW 2X4 bases destroyed, since someone shot it up. Come on people these bases are 4 inches tall and set flat on the ground. The base had 7 or 8 holes shot in it. All of this cost our club money and someone’s time to repair them.  (PLEASE NOTE: If you are caught being intentionally un-safe and or damaging club property or equipment, your membership will be revoked on the spot and you will be trespassed from the property permanently). It is every member’s responsibility to make sure all range and safety rules are followed as well as taking care of club property. If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner or in a way that can damage club property, please politely remind them of their member responsibilities. We think most of our members will respond in a positive manner.

NEW MEMBERS: In the last month we have had about 25 to 35 new members sign up to join our club, if you see one of them be nice and let them know how things are done.      

HELPING HAND: I’m back, this is Jim O, to let everyone know I’ll be at the range from around 9 till 4 each day to help Chuck and that way we have someone to man the office all day.                                   

WORK PARTIES: We had two work parties in the last month or so. First we replaced the 100 yard frame and backing. We also rebuilt target frames and recovered them. The second one we hauled 13 pieces of 4” pipe 21 feet long from the well site behind the first hill. This was given to us by Arizona Water. I want to thank everyone that came out to help, it was less than 2 hours each time.                

RANGE THIEF: Someone took the buckets from the bench rest area, and then on their way out they dumped one of them into the cattle guard. These buckets are there for putting spent shell cases in, one for brass and one for steel cases. We are looking at the videos to see if we can possibly find out who did this. If you needed some buckets all you needed to do was ask, YOU DID NOT NEED TO STEAL THEM. COME ON PEOPLE. Buckets are like 4 bucks at Walmart.                          

SPENT BRASS: We are still finding spent brass on the ground, mostly on the pistol range. That’s why we put out buckets for them, one for brass and one for steel cases, some mornings Chuck has picked up like 200 rounds. Action Pistol does a great job of picking up their brass as does the women’s group.          

REMINDER: The range is closed while there is any scheduled shoots going on. Also, when Arizona Water is checking the well or working on the well.                                

UP COMING EVENTS: On September 20th there will be live fire for the CCW class, on that day the range will be CLOSED from 9am-Noon. Randy’s class will be on the 19th and 20th. You can contact him at –

A Sporting Clays shoot has been scheduled for Saturday Oct. 31st.  The range will be closed the day before for part or all of the day for setup and all day the next day for the shoot. We will send out contact information for this shoot at a later date. 

FNRA GRANT: Still no word on our grant, we don’t even know if we will get one this year. But if we do, we will pour the cement in the bench rest area to eliminate some of the mud when it rains and help picking up spent shell casings.                        

RANGE CATTLE: We have cattle back on the range; If they are on the range please take the time to run them off. If they come onto the range, stop shooting and run them off. We have had to warn several shooters already, we don’t need one of   these getting shot.                  

RANGE SAFETY RULES: Please obey all safety rules; these are for your safety and others. THIS is a cold range. Don’t be walking around with a loaded gun, we have had to remind several shooters during some of our events.

MAIN GATE: Remember if you are the last one to leave the range PLEASE CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE.                      

RAFFLE TICKETS: There are still tickets left for the Buntline Revolver. Tickets are $20 each; the money goes to help a member with some medical bills. Tickets can be purchased at the range office; we now have someone there from 8am to 6pm.                                 

RANGE TARGET MIS-USEAGE: Someone had turned the targets on the pistol range to face the bench rest area; these targets are made of mild steel not AR plate like others. This just damages the targets, and then they need to be replaced. These bullets then bounce off onto our repair shop; there are welding tanks and welders that may blow up. If you are caught doing this you may and can be ejected from the club, THER WILL BE ONLY ONE WARNING, ONLY ONE AND THIS IS IT!!!              

THANK YOU: A very big thank you to Mulittech for donating the new video cable to our security camera upgrade.   

CHARITY SHOOTS: We are asking for your input on our charity shoots. Do we or Don’t we have them. The last couple of years our two shoots (The food bank Turkey Shoot and The Christmas Angle shoot) have been in low attendance and only a few members’ help set up. So, let us know by e-mail please. Our e-mail is Please give us some input.