How To Become A Member


  1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: Fill out the Membership Application at the range office or use the link below to download a copy and fill it out. All Fees are located on the application, NEW APPLICATIONS MUST BE PROCESSED IN PERSON ONLY AT THE RANGE OFFICE. (NEW applications received by mail will NOT be accepted!!!) If you don’t have a reference one will be provided when you drop off your new application). Membership year runs from June 1st thru May 31st. (Dues are Not pro-rated). After completion of all the required paperwork, an oral briefing will be given on the range policies and rules (the basic range rules are on page 2 of the application which you must sign) ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST RECEIVE THE BRIEFING PRIOR TO USING THE RANGE, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  1. NRA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED!!!!: If you are not already an NRA Member, you will have the option on the application to join at the same time. NRA Fees are also listed on the application. (If you sign up thru the Range, we get a small return from the NRA for the membership).
  1. COMMUNICATION WITH THE RANGE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT TEXT MESSAGES!!! You may call and leave a message on the range answering machine, or the preferred method of e-mail. For specific questions about the range, please e-mail , and for general questions NOT covered on the web site, please use the “Contact Us” tab and submit the form provided. (Please note that 90% of all answers to questions can be found on the web site).
  1. ACCEPTED FORM(S) OF PAYMENT: The Range accepts Cash, Check(s)… If paying by cash, please have the correct amount as we most time won’t be able to provide change.

 Application/Renewal Form